Medical EFT Services Provide Solution to Payment Processing Mandate

As a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA), payment processing for healthcare organizations will become much more efficient through the required use of electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and electronic remittances. The changes become mandatory in 2013 and First National Bank of Santa Fe is introducing its Medical EFT Services package to allow healthcare professionals to get started today.

EFT payment processing speeds up funds availability time, reduces risks associated with paper and mailing, and simplifies processing with automated data matching and updating. With a simple enrollment process, healthcare professionals can take advantage of speeding up their payment processes and be in compliance with AHA legislation.

Scott Yeoman, COO of First National Bank of Santa Fe says, "First National is pleased to add Medical EFT Services to our already robust and expanding suite of business banking solutions. We recognize that healthcare professionals need an efficient and secure way to process payments, while achieving AHA compliance. With Medical EFT Services, our customers can enroll and start receiving reports in just a few short days."

For those who are unsure of their options or unfamiliar with EFT services, First National Bank of Santa Fe offers no cost one-on-one consultative services to help healthcare professionals navigate the new AHA requirements and understand how EFT services can benefit them. Simply call 505-992-2000 for more information.

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